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Nicolai Friedrich

The viewers say that...

  • This guy is great! – Brian Adams
  • Nicolais performance is different and unique. Pure Mentalism! – Uri Geller
  • I am speechless. Whow! A la bonheur. Gratulation. – Johannes B. Kerner
  • Awesome...! – Stefan Raab
  • Normally I do not like magic on stage and I did not think anybody has a chance but you proofed me wrong. – Thomas Gottschalk
  • Incredible! What he does is art. – Uwe Kröger
  • With slight of hand, charm, entertainment qualities and incredible performances you have fascinated our demanding audience. – Hansjörg Cramer, member of the board Allianz AG
  • Even days after the event my collegues and our guests still go into rhapsodies about your performance. – Dr. Martin C. Halusa, GF Apax Partners
  • Superlatives are often exaggerations but for you the apply perfectly. – Martin Salomon & Shivadas S. Pattanath, Magistrate of Langen
  • A truly world class magician! – Thomas Grüter, DVAG
  • It was also great that you moderated the show in german and english without loosing the punch lines. Thank you for super commitment! – Georg Motz und Konrad Munz, INA-Schaeffler KG

The Shows

Magie Digital

Magie digital


A virtual magic show of the highest class for loosening up online conferences or as a show act for a digital company event. Viewers will be watching this interactive show live from home via streaming. 100% safe and 100% amazing!

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Enchantment for your senses: Nicolai Friedrich at your event

Are you hosting a gala and are still looking for an international top act? Then let yourself be enchanted by an interactive stage show followed by close up magic – up close at selected tables of your guests. Nicolai Friedrich is also happy to establish a connection to the company and integrates products into the show. You will be amazed at what is possible. Just write to us, we offer you the most magical solution for almost every situation.



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Nicolai Friedrich wins the Siegfried and Roy Sarmoti Award in Las Vegas

Nicolai Friedrich was honored in Las Vegas with the prestigious Sarmoti Award. This award, together with a 5,000 Euro cash prize, was presented by the world famous Siegfried & Roy. Together with the group »The flicking Finger« Nicolai Friedrich accepted the award for outstanding Originality and Innovation.

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Nicolai Friedrich wins the World Championship in Magic

Nicolai was awarded for the Best Performance in the King’s Discipline for Mental Magic at the World Championship in Peking. Nicolai Friedrich has won the World Championship for Mental Magic in Beijing. The championship is highly / eminently respected among magical experts. More than 2500 magicians from 66 countries visited the World Championship. From these 2500 magicians 100 had pre-qualified for the competition. In the challenge among the mentalists Nicolai Friedrich achieved the highest score, exceeding his success at the world championship in 2000 at Lisbon where he won the prize of second best performance.

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David Copperfield buys Magic trick from Nicolai Friedrich

The world famous magician David Copperfield has purchased the exclusive US TV rights from Nicola Friedrich for his creation »The Mona Lisa Smile«. David Copperfield was impressed by the illusion which is about the most famous piece of artwork in the world, distinguishing Nicolai Friedrich as the first German magician from whom David Copperfield has purchased a magic trick. Nicola Friedrich still retains the right to perform this piece in live shows and on television programs outside of the United States.

The world of magic:

Shows around the globe

  • Amsterdam For L’Oréal
  • Ascona For V-Zug
  • Athen At Hilton for VW
  • Athen For Pirelli
  • Dubai »Burj al Arab« for Signal Iduna
  • Istanbul Conrad Hilton for Bausch&Lomb
  • Kapstadt School of Magic
  • Las Vegas Tropicana Hotel
  • London Mermaid Theatre
  • Los Angeles Magic Castle, Hollywood
  • Malta Historisches Museum for Postbank
  • Mexico City W. Hotel for Macquarie
  • Milano Stresa for Pirelli
  • Mumbai, Puna und Aurangabad YPO
  • New York Tribeca Performing Arts Center
  • Salzburg Audi VIP Night
  • Sardinien On the yacht »Royal Clipper« for Caperol
  • Singapore Old Parliament House for Commerzbank
  • Sydney International Convention Center