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Nicolai Friedrich

Nicolai Friedrich

Style, Charm and Method

Nicolai Friedrich belongs to the new generation of Magicians whose success lies not only with their technical equipment, but with an unparalleled and remarkable stage presence that amazes the audience.

Nicolai Friedrich not only performs magic tricks on a stage, he seems to be a real magician. He captivates with his brilliance, charm and comedic talent.

His love of his work is apparent during every moment of his performance, and is felt by all in his audience.

With this passion he manages, in a short time, to turn even the most skeptic of his critics into an amazed member of audience.

His mixture of visual artistry, fantastic comedy and fascinating Mental Magic is one of a kind. A refreshing brainteaser combined with so much laughter your stomach will hurt, creating a result that is guaranteed to blow your mind!

The ease with which he manages to perform his inexplicable art, and the amazement he generates brings joy to all who see his performances. 

Nicolai Friedrich portrayed


Excellence ignites amazement

    Artist of the jear | Illusion
  • 2009 — Best mentalist of the world!
    Nicolai Friedrich is awarded best performer in the category »Mental Magic«
    at the »FISM World Championship of Magic in Bejing«.
  • Second best performer in mental magic
    at the World Championship of Magic in Lisbon, 2000
  • David Copperfield bought the US-TV-rights
    for Nicolai Friedrichs effect »Mona Lisa’s smile«
  • Winner of the Siegfried & Roy »Sarmoti Award«
    in Las Vegas and performances
    in the famous »Magic Castle« in Hollywood, 1998 and 2006
  • Magician of the year 1997
    with the group »The flicking fingers«
  • German runner-up at Kartenkunst
    (Playing cards), 1996
  • Special prize from the Magic Circle in Berlin, 1995
  • Winner of the international Prix Juventa
    in the category Kartenmagie (Playing cards), 1994
  • Winner at the German championship
    in the category »Close-up Magic«, 1993

Nicolai Friedrich portrayed


The possibility of the impossible

International Cooperations

Allianz, American Express, Audi, Aventis, Axa, Beiersdorf, BASF, Bayer,
BMW, Bridgestone, Canon, Commerzbank, Condor, Daimler Chrysler, Danzas,
Deutsche Bank, DBV, Deutsche Börse, Deutsches Goethe Institut, Edeka,
Ferrero, Helaba, Hilti, Hitachi, IBM, IMAX-Kino, Karstadt, Kaufhof, Lufthansa, 
Mannesmann, Mercedes, Merz, Neckermann, Neue Presse,
Pfizer, Porsche, Reuters, Samsung, Sennheiser, Shell, Siemens, Signal Iduna,
Telegate, TUI, VDO, Volkswagen, Volvo
as well as numerous agencies, banks, law firms.


ARD, ZDF, RTL, Pro 7, Sat 1, Bayern 3, Hessen 3, WDR, ORF

Nicolai’s magic has already enchanted the following celebrities

Michael Schumacher, Bryan Adams, Sky Dumont, Mika Häkkinnen, Otto Waalkes, James Rizzi, Marius Müller-Westernhagen, Ulrich Wickert, Veronica Ferres, Michele Hunziker, Jürgen von der Lippe, Uwe Kröger, Johannes B. Kerner, Jürgen Prochnow, Stefan Raab, Thomas Gottschalk, Jan Josef Liefers, Andrea Sawatzki, Katharina Witt, Dieter Bohlen, ...

And last but not least

Nicolai Friedrich has had the chance to enchant on more than one occasion at trade fairs, presentations of new products, company-events, even marriages and private birthday parties.

Here is some customer feedback…

Days after your performance my colleagues and guests continue to be amazed by your performance. You are one a kind with your gift to inspire childlike enthusiasm into grown adults.

»Nicolai Friedrich creates magic with his magic!« - This quotation comes from an article from your expose.

We have thought long and hard over what we could add to this, but in the end, this sentence says it all. You thrilled each and every one of our guests at the Hess-Club Convention here in Munich. With your artistry, charm, pure entertainment and amazing tricks you more than met our highest expectations. Long after your showed ended we continued to discuss, contemplate and were stilled astounded by your performance. Put simply, we were shaking our heads in amazement. Thank you so much for a magical and entertaining evening, one which we will remember for years to come. Your passion for your work showed itself not only in your performance, but afterwards as you continued to impress and amaze guests at the bar, demonstrating a variety of tricks from your Close Up program. Once again, thank you very much.

We wish you all the best for the future, and are curious to see what you will surprise us with next.

You more than lived up to every expectation. In only a few seconds the entire audience was enthralled. Each and every one of our 500 guests was absolutely captivated. All even without big technical equipment. That is true talent. Brilliant is not an exagerration. You are a hit.

We would like to thank you for your performance which was both professional and one of a kind. With your intriguing art you amazed and astounded our guests, bringing smiles to their faces.

Once again you captivated your audience! Your show was truly »magical« and will stay a wonderful memory in the mind of each guest. We would be thrilled to work with you again, and look forward to further events together.

Whoever thought that magic shows are boring, or always repetitions of the same trick, was never lucky enough to see YOU perform. We are talking about Nicolai Friedrich. A personality in every respect of the word. Within seconds Nicolai captives his entire public. With his unbelievable magic show he thrilled us from the very first to the very last moment. Everyone felt that she/he experienced another world. With his charm he built trust with his audience, in a comfortable atmosphere where one could simply enjoy his performance. The only disappointment was that the show must end, no one wanted Nicolai to leave… We are all looking forward to the next visit from this world class magician!

Your performance at our after-work party was a complete success. Your name was constantly repeated in the weeks following your appearance. You managed to bring smiles to even the most skeptical. What impressed us the most was that you continued to interact and amaze the audience even after your show, mingling your way through the tables. Short and sweet: It was a wonderful and unforgettable event for all who were there, full of fun, and an evening we will never forget.

Magical, in every meaning of the word! Twice we have had the honor of watching your performance. You are always able to distract your audience from stressful days, and invite them into a relaxing and magical atmosphere.

Thanks to your artistry, we are able to leave the stresses of the day behind us, and take part in a truly memorable event, one that followed us home. Our employees were able to take the magic home with them, where they surely pondered what they had seen. You were equally able to amaze the visitors to our booth at the Messe, where without a doubt, you supported us and encouraged a more intensive contact with potential customers. Your evening program surely helped keep our company and its products in the minds of the European press who saw this event. It was amazing how easily and fluently you performed the evening event in both German and English. Thank you so much for a superb event, for your artwork, and for captivating our audience.

Not only are you an incredible magician, you are an unbelievable entertainer. Our smiles and amazement never stopped. With your charming style and original art you managed to enthrall even the more skeptical in the audience. Without over the top fancy tricks or technical equipment you delivered a top performance. We particularly enjoyed our incorporation of one of our clients as your assistant. The spontaneity with which she placed our products into your program demonstrated your personal skill. Your performance more than motivated our employees. Both our customers and we will continue to remember your performance as a real experience. You enchanted us in every sense of the word. Please keep up your enthusiasm!

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