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Nicolai Friedrich


Making the impossible possible

Nicolai’s Friedrich/s repertoire contains precisely chosen classical magic tricks, reminiscent of the old magicians, as well as new creations which he himself developed and which are not performed by any other illusionist in the world. Nicolai Friedrich guides his audience into another world. With apparent effortlessness Nicolai Friedrich breaks through the laws of nature. Physical objects float, change their shape, or reappear in new and impossible places. Objects take on new meaning, and he is able to read our thoughts.  And the best part of all: His audience always plays the main role.

Regardless of whether he performs at small private gatherings or at large company events Nicolai’s shows are guaranteed to be a resounding hit. The format of his stage show is flexible, and can be fit to the physical area in which it will be performed, as well as to your personal requests. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the performance. Nicolai can perform on an already existing large stage, as well as on a minimal stage. If you wish, Nicolai Friedrich can bring his own equipment.

For gala events we recommend an interactive stage show, lasting approximately 45-60 minutes, ending with »Close Up Magic« - magic which is performed directly at the tables of your guests. If you wish products from your company can be integrated into the show. We would be happy to develop and individualize a show for you. You will be amazed at all that is possible…

Nicolai Friedrich — Show


Fascinating the senses!

In the past years Nicolai Friedrich has worked intensively in the highest most advanced forms of mental magic. This special form of magic breaks the boundaries of traditional magic, leading his audience to believe in the existence of the paranormal. With help and support from psychology, the art of suggestion, subliminal messaging, intuition and his magical talent Nicolai Friedrich is able to apparently get inside the heads of his audience. Not only does he appear to read minds, he is able to control and influence thoughts. 

His audience not only witnesses that which is seemingly impossible, they actually participate in the experiments as Nicolai Friedrich demonstrates his mental powers. It is overpowering to witness not only his ability to read minds, but the rare gift to look into the future. But a warning, be careful what you think around him, as your innermost thoughts and deepest desires are not secret from Nicolai Friedrich…

Nicolai Friedrich — Show

Close up

too close to ever forget

Magic does not only happen on the big stage. It can also be shown right at the tables,
directly under the audience’s nose. This is called »Close-up magic« and here you
can scrutinously watch Nicolai Friedrich’s fingers. With rolled up sleeves Nicolai performs visual magic with everyday objets like cards or coins. Moreover he does stunning mind reading experiments as Metal Bending or making a borrowed finger ring float in mid air.

The audience is allowed to touch and to control all requisites which he uses. Irrespective of whether he is performing slow or fast tricks, the audience is left no chance to work out any of his tricks!

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