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Nicolai Friedrich

Keynote speech

Tips and tricks of a Mentalist for the real life

Nicolai Friedrich’s Keynote Speech is a one of a kind performance composed of exciting, scientifically based facts combined with unbelievable show elements and audience interaction. He is able to perform either as Keynote Speaker during the day or as a Dinner Speaker at gala events.

Many people have asked Nicolai if he is able to transfer his knowledge and use it in daily life.

The answer is: YES! And this is the theme in his shows.

Magicians as well as Mental Magicians know how their audiences think and react/respond, thereby enabling them to baffle their audience. Hence, it is not necessary to have supernatural powers, as every one is able to learn and adopt these methods.

In the first part of the show Nicolai’s questions our perceptions and cognitive abilities, asking why we are beguiled by simple deceptions. Amazing experiments will shock you into realizing how limited your perceptions are, and how controlled and influenced we all are by our preconceived notions.

Furthermore, you will learn how to overcome these preconceptions, i.e. trick yourself away from these patterns of thinking. You will be amazed/ thrilled by what your mentally capable of. The second part of the program focuses on the power of our thoughts. Nicolai Friedrich will not only explain how our thoughts function, but he will also demonstrate how

easily our thoughts are manipulated. Needless to say, Nicolai Friedrich will also demonstrate how easy it is to change this weakness into a strength.

With help from suggestions and the power of the subconscious we have the unbelievable ability to influence ourselves, and those around us.

Let yourself be astounded and inspired, incorporating unparalleled / highly useful knowledge into your daily life. Profit from the knowledge of how you and how others think and function.

The book

Attaining the Unattainable with Mental Tricks

A magician’s task is to make the impossible possible, never less so then when creating or developing something new. Therefore each artist has his own trusted and proven methods of working, techniques and principles. Nicolai Friedrich reveals a number of these techniques in his book, so that they can be of use in our daily lives.

Numerous lectures guide you through how to use your willpower to reach your goals. However, it is not simply »thinking« like Nicolai: It is a combination of mental attitude, focus, motivation and concentration combined with fantasy and creative thinking: a combination that delivers astonishing revelations and makes the impossible possibl.

Nicolai reveals secret techniques from a magician’s treasure chest, such as misdirection, priming and the ability to work with our mistakes. It is a huge advantage when we have the ability to »trick« and »manipulate« ourselves.

Additionally, he gives us a look into the psychological methods used by mental magicians, such as body language, subliminal messaging, NLP, and hypnosis. The strength of our subconscious is capable of much, even of influencing ourselves and of those around us.

We can apply this knowledge of how and why our thoughts function, increasing our retention and learning aptitude. With this in mind Nicolai reveals to his readers simple easy to learn mnemonics, with unbelievable results. Last but not least, the book is a treasure trove of tips and tricks for everyday life. It has techniques to overcome stage fright, how one develops charisma, the ability to relax and to concentrate on command, how to be more creative, and how to protect ourselves against subconscious influences.

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Click here for a preview and videoclips from the book

Sound Illusion

Chair Lifting

Der Zuckertütentrick

Selective Attention Test

Priming Experiment

Hypnose Demo

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